Our 8-week Boot Camp builds on the principles of the Salsa Crash Course. This progressive program offers intermediate techniques designed to give you a strong foundation for feeling comfortable out on the dance floor.

Lessons include, but are not limited to:


  • Music theory to learn proper timing

  • Spinning and turning techniques

  • Social dance etiquette

  • Musicality and body movement

  • Footwork and styling 

  • Strengthening following and leading principles through learning simple combinations

No partner necessary.

Knowledge of basic steps is required.

The Salsa Boot Camp (SBC) builds on the techniques taught in the Salsa Crash Course (SCC), so the SCC is HIGHLY Recommended. We also recommended that you take the SBC before participating in Santa Rosa Salsa's on "1" Intensive Dance Series with John & Liz.


Santa Rosa Salsa's Dance Studio

1808-B Empire Industrial Ct.

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Payment Options:

Early bird discount $300.

At the door $350

Can also mail payment to:

Santa Rosa Salsa

PO Box 6646

Santa Rosa, CA 95406

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Irene Silva, instructor and founder of Santa Rosa Salsa, combines 18 years of teaching dance with 28 years’ experience in the field of personal growth and development. Her conscious approach to teaching creates an awareness in her students around their body movement, attitudes and how they connect to others not only on the dance floor, but also in life.


"If you want to learn to dance salsa well and you are willing to practice between classes, these are the courses for you. Irene has used her years of experience to develop courses that teach the most proficiency in the most efficient manner. In the Salsa Crash Course you will learn the basics. Irene is very thorough  and the classes move slowly enough to get a firm foundation. That being said, she also expects that you will practice at home, so the course moves  at a pace that keeps it interesting and you will learn enough to make you comfortable on the dance floor.


In the Salsa Boot Camp you will  learn new steps and combinations, musicality, stylizations and refine your technique. This class moves at a faster pace and practicing the steps at home is essential. Dancers who put in the practice will achieve a solid intermediate level and have a lot of fun doing it. This class will also prepare you for the course with John and Liz, if you really want to kick it up a level.


These are exceptionally well designed courses whether you just want to learn the basics or want to dance at a more advanced level. It is especially nice that Irene times these courses to flow one into the next for those who want to excel at the dance in a relatively short period of time." - Kelcey Jacobsen, Spring 2019

"[The] Salsa boot camp is an incredible experience. Irene know how to challenge yet encourage. If you want to learn how to dance Salsa, do it with Irene" ~ Kitty Hughes, Spring 2013


"[The Salsa boot camp] was a great experience for me and I have learned so much… I've been dancing only 8 months and I can truly see the difference in my social dancing. I plan to take the course again in September. I highly recommend the course to everyone that I know because it will make them a better dancer. I thank the instructors for taking the time and the patience to teach me how to be a better dancer." ~ Pablo Lopez, Spring 2013


"Boot camp was really fun and a perfect way to improve and deepen my dancing skills! I will be back for more!" ~ Christina Sloop, Spring 2013


"Loved loved the boot camp. Taking it was absolutely a must. I feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable about where I am and where I need to be." ~ Nina Atencio, Spring 2013


"My 3 months in the salsa training group seemed to have gone by so fast, because I was having too much fun. I almost did not join the group, since I’m a bit shy, Irene said it would be a great way to gain confidence in my dancing, improve my technique, and get to know the people I see quite often in the salsa community. What they said was true and more than I ever expected. We met once a week for a 2-hour intense training session on Sundays. It was perfect for drilling techniques and learning choreography. By the end of the 3-month session, you can’t help but improve your technique, gain confidence, and develop a friendship with those that put in the same amount of time and sweat as you. I look forward to the next salsa training session, not because I’m striving to be a world-class salsa dancer, but because I just had fun." ~ Tan Ho, Fall 2011