Ladies Styling



Welcome to our summer annual Ladies Styling Bootcamp. 


This season's Ladies Styling Bootcamp (On1) with Santa Rosa Salsa, is a five-week, progressive program that will focus on developing your ladies styling technique, working our way up through the feet, hips, arms and hands. 


Devised to give you the techniques and skills to establish, develop and refine your ladies styling, this boot camp is was designed for moderate to advanced beginners (those with knowledge and experience with the basic steps) to intermediate dancers and performers, who are looking to improve their overall styling and develop a strong foundation for learning new moves for social dance and/or stage performance.


Open to all levels.



Dates: TBA

Times: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Location: Fierce Fitness, 3501 Industrial Drive, Santa Rosa, CA

Tuition: $150 for all 5-weeks (no drop-ins)



Five spots lefts. Register now!

No adds after June 9th.


For more information, or to reserve your spot, please contact us:


Irene Silva

Tel | (707) 484 - 6086 • Email |

Learn how to roll your booty, move your hips and soften your hands - this June!



This program is a progressive series designed to give you the techniques and skills to establish, develop and refine your ladies styling. Open to all levels.


Week 1: Feet, Knees and Footwork

Proper foot technique, how to position knees to look good and feel sexy, and basic steps and simple footwork combinations to apply a variety of arm and body styling. 


Week 2: Hips

Basic hip movement, proper technique, and figure eight hips (infinity hips).


Week 3: Torso, Ribcage and Shoulder Blades

How to utilize the torso and ribcage in basic technique and styling, incorporating shoulder blade movement for arm and hand styling


Week 4: Arms, Wrists and Hands

Technique for arm, wrist and hand styling, including extensions, flicks, hits and other styling motions, such as archs and sweeps.


Week 5: Ladies Styling Combinations

Applying the techniques to your social dance! Including hip movement, booty rolls, body rolls and arm styling for the basic steps and combinations (arms, hands, body).


* All practices are mandatory so it is your responsibility to catch up on the information that you missed. If you plan on missing a meeting, you may take private lessons at a rate of $50.00 per hour to catch up on what you missed. Otherwise, attending all meetings will be essential as we will not review information due to missed practices.