Dance Labs

Transforming People Through Dance

Series Description:

An exciting new series by Irene Silva that combines conscious movement, body awareness, and a transformative approach which creates ease, joy, and grace on the dance floor. We are trying new things, pushing your boundaries, putting new elements together, reflecting our results and integrating your findings into your dancing. The Conscious Edge of learning of Salsa: It’s a mind body experience. Provide a process for removing judgments to empower the dancers to connect with others and have a joyful and expressive experience on the dance floor.

February 2016


Bold Basics

(Tuesdays: 2/2/16 – 2/23/16, 7-9 pm)

          Learn important techniques.

          Dance with confidence, ease, and grace.

          Joyfully express yourself through dance.

          Freedom to be on the dance floor.







Sensual Styling

(Wednesdays: 2/3/16 – 2/24/16, 7 pm-9 pm)

          For Ladies ONLY

          Introduction to ladies styling basics.

          Develop greater ease with your body movement.

          Dance with confidence and freedom.







March 2016


Confident Leaders and Graceful followers

(Tuesdays: 3/1/16 – 3/22/16, 7-9 pm)

          Become aware of what is in the way of you connecting with others.

          Remove barriers that limit you on the dance floor.

          Comfortably connect with your dance partner.

          Be self-assured and confident on the dance floor.







Sassy Styling

(Wednesdays: 3/2/16 – 3/23/16, 7-9 pm)

          For Ladies ONLY

          Prerequisite: Sensual Styling or Santa Rosa Salsa Bootcamp

          Now that you are comfortable with your body movement…let’s have FUN!

          Further develop greater ease with your dance style and body movement.    

          Developing your dance skill to allow for your creativity.

Location :

Santa Rosa Salsa's Dance Studio

1808-B Empire Industrial Ct.

Santa Rosa, CA



$90 in advance

$100 at the door



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About the teacher:

Irene Silva, founder of Santa Rosa Salsa, combines 15 years of teaching dance with 25 years’ experience in the field of personal growth and development. Her conscious approach to teaching creates an awareness in her students around their body movement, attitudes and how they connect to others not only on the dance floor, but also in life.


Training includes:

Classes with Isabelle Rodrigues, Kelly Lannan, Hyesun Jang, Michelle Castro, Joby Vasquez, Anya Katsevman, April Genovese, and trained with world dance champion Luis Aguilar.


Education received:

B.A. in Economics and a minor in Communications from U.C. Davis.